Understanding that behavior problems are different than obedience problems is key to successfully resolving of a variety of emotionally rooted issues - from the very complex such as aggression, separation anxiety, and phobias; to "simpler" issues such as house training. LEARN MORE >>

Puppy Preschool is an open-enrollment, problem prevention and socialization class for puppies 16 weeks of age and under specifically geared to your puppy’s developing physical and social needs. LEARN MORE >>

Group obedience/manners classes are taught in a levels-style program designed with busy lifestyles and your ultimate success in mind. Classes are divided into levels of increasingly challenging exercises. LEARN MORE >>

Our Private Lesson Series teaches your dog basic good manners in a less distracting than group classes that's more flexible with your schedule. Lessons can be held here at the Dog Ranch, or entirely at your home, and can be customized to your specific needs. LEARN MORE >>