Rally Obedience is a sport that builds a good working relationship and teamwork between you and your dog.

Teams navigate a course of signs executing different exercises in a continuous performance. Praise and fun are encouraged throughout and all dogs (purebred, mixed breed, younger dogs, older dogs, and dogs with disabilities) can participate.

Novice Rally/Canine Academy Level 2 Classes: We have found that learning the exercises helps students progress with leash walking and increases focus and teamwork between the dog and his person so much, that our Novice Rally classes now double as the Level 2 classes in our Canine Academy Program.

Rally Novice class times are: Monday nights at 7pm or Friday mornings at 10am. Completion of our Canine Academy Level 1 or instructor approval required. 

Rally Course/Canine Academy Level 3 Classes: Because of weather complications, we have combined the Rally Course classes with our Level 3 Academy classes. Most of the time we do rally courses, but we also do games (like baseball and tic tac toe), and practice the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test depending on conditions here.

Rally Course/Level 3 class times are Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Wednesdays at 7pm, or Fridays at 9:30 am. Completion of Novice Rally or trainer permission required.


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Rally Obedience takes its name from Rally Car Racing where cars follow instructions from checkpoint to checkpoint. In Rally Obedience, dog-handler teams proceed from sign to sign along a preset course, performing the designated exercises at each sign. Many organizations offer titling events in rally, each having their own version of the sport. Our Novice Class focuses on AKC Rally since it is the most commonly found version in our area. We incorporate exercises from the AKC's Advanced and Excellent levels and other venues in our Rally Course class.

Rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs and people of all ages and at virtually all skill levels – whether you simply want a new activity to do with your dog, a way to spice up those walks, or actually compete for titles. It’s entirely up to you and your canine companion!

There are three main components to Rally:

  1. Walking nicely on leash (Heeling)

  2. Following the signs and course correctly

  3. Performing the obedience exercises listed on the signs correctly

Basic skills you and your dog need to be familiar, although not necessarily proficient, with in order to be successful in the beginner class are:

  • Loose leash walking with your dog on your left side ("heel" position)

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stand

  • Sit stay

  • Down stay

Rally helps practice (or perfect!) all those skills and builds a positive working relationship with your dog.

Although we think Rally is a fine sport in and of itself, it can be a “stepping stone” to traditional obedience, a nice way to build focus and impulse control for puppies too young to fully participate in agility, and a lovely activity for senior dogs and/or dogs with physical limitations providing them both quality time and mental exercise. Dogs are never too young or too old for Rally!

The 6-week beginner (AKC Novice) class is $215.00 and is open enrollment so you and your dog can join as soon as there’s an opening.

Course Work classes are available under our Continuing Education price structure, which builds in free weeks off and discounted rates if you sign up for more than one month at a time. Please contact us for details.

To register, please send a completed Rally Registration form, copies of your dog’s current vaccination records, and your payment.