Kathleen’s first dog in adulthood was a lovely chow-mix named Violet, who was given to her by her dad when he became too frail to care for her. Life with Vi opened up a world of new contacts and experiences with dogs and people. When Vi died, Kathleen began volunteering with Town Lake Animal Center (now Austin Animal Center). Two months later, she adopted Carley, a fabulous pit bull terrier mix, and soon began classes with Margaret.

Carley was a very special girl, charming all that met her, going on to be a therapy dog with the Love-a-Bull Pit Crew, the only totally bully breed therapy dog group in the country. Kathleen's  work with Carley inspired her intense interest in dog behavior and strengthening the human/animal bond. Thus began her apprenticeship with Margaret.

Kathleen lost Carley to a sudden illness in 2013 and now shares her life with the lightning fast and very friendly Cassie, an Australian Cattle dog mix who provides Kathleen with more fun and challenging experiences including agility and rally classes.

When Kathleen isn’t assisting at Humaner Trainer, volunteering with various animal welfare organizations, or keeping up with Cassie, she enjoys having lots of fun with family and friends, traveling, and ushering at theatres around town (fabulous free entertainment!). 

Kathleen is grateful for all the ways her life has been enriched by becoming involved with dogs, and loves the emphasis Humaner Trainer puts on having a positive, loving, and respectful relationship with the canine members of our families.