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Suzanne Clothier February 2017 Weekend Seminars!

The Humaner Trainer, Inc. and Talk to the Paw are thrilled to announce Suzanne Clothier is returning to the Lone Star state to present two more very special seminars. These informative and entertaining seminars are sure to enhance that deep and loving relationship we all have with our dogs. Both seminars are geared toward dog owners and dog professionals alike. 

Do you know or have a fearful furry family member that needs help? Fright or Flight is for you! 

Do you have a dog 4 years old or younger? Are you thinking of getting a dog soon? Maddening to Maturity might just get you through those teenage years! If you work in a shelter or rescue that adopts out adolescent (or soon to be adolescent) dogs, this seminar will provide you with great information to help make your adoptions more successful.

We're so pleased to be able to offer dog lovers another wonderful opportunity to spend a day or two with one of the most well respected dog trainers in the world.

Save $20 per weekend ticket for groups of 5+ people. Contact to register your group and receive the Promo Code!

Please note that only working participants, participants with service dogs, and people staying at the ranch may have dogs at the venue during the seminar.

For more information on Suzanne, go to: 

Fright or Flight: Understanding and Helping Aggression, Fear and Anxiety

 Saturday, February 11, 2017

For many reactive dogs, biting or fighting are the choices they make when they run out of options, out of coping skills and knowledge. Suzanne's approach teaches handlers to see the fear and confusion that underlies many behavior and aggression problems, and choose different approaches. Emphasis is on reading canine body language, understanding use of space (macro & micro), the stimulus gradient, and "thin slicing" & skill building for success. A variety of Suzanne's practical Relationship Centered Training techniques will be provided to help handlers and dogs both make choices that are comfortable, safe and humane.

IAABC members: this seminar is approved for 7.5 CEU's

CPDT-KA members: this seminar is approved for 8.75 CEU's 

Maddening To Maturity: Understanding and Helping the Adolescent Dog

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do you wonder where your once wonderful puppy went? And why has he turned into a sometimes maddening, unpredictable, maybe even out of control adolescent? Relax – you’re not alone. More than a few puppy class stars have gone on to be champion buttheads as teenagers! For many dog owners, the 18-24 month period of adolescence is problematic. Even with a great start in puppyhood, many dogs hit adolescence and become frustrating, unruly, and simply maddening in some ways.

While puzzling to many owners, this is a natural but poorly understood stage of development. Did you know that adolescence begins around 20 weeks of age? That a year old dog is roughly the equivalent of a 14-year human? That adulthood in the dog begins at 2-4 years of age? That the most annoying teenage dogs are usually geniuses?

When you understand your adolescent dog better, you can settle into the work and joys of helping them grow into a wonderful adult dog. The kind of adult dog that makes people say, “Oh, I wish I had a dog just like that!” while you smile and wonder if they knew him as a teenager.

IAABC members: this seminar is approved for 7.5 CEU's

CPDT-KA members: this seminar is approved for 8.75 CEU's

"Promoting healthy relationships & humane training through a holistic approach to the dog - body, mind & soul."



Early bird (register by January 18, 2017):

Individual Two days - $295; 1-day $175
Group (5 or more) - $275 per person*

After January 18, 2017:

Individual Two days - $325; 1-day $210

Group (5 or more) - $305 per person*

*Group rates are available only for two-day attendance. Please contact Margaret ( to register your group and receive the Promo Code.

SAR Scholarships to honor the Sterling Gillis Memorial K-9 SAR Scholarship program are available to SAR handlers. All operational K-9 SAR handlers are eligible to receive the scholarship and attend the handlers for Fright or Flight and Maddening to Maturity seminars at no charge. Please contact the seminar hosts to apply.  

Are you a dog professional? Info on CEU’s available coming soon. 

For more information, contact:

Margaret Johnson: - Austin, Texas

Kathi O'Malley: - Dallas, Texas


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