Denise Jonon grew up in Carrollton, TX where her love of dogs began with the family pet Beagles. In the early 90’s she moved to Austin and shortly after met her husband. They share a love of dogs and have opened their home to many companion animals over the years. In 1996, Denise’s passion to learn more about animal training led her to join Travis County Search and Rescue. After a successful year of air scent training, her young dog showed signs of a medical condition that made him a less than ideal candidate for search and rescue. Undeterred by the setback, she continued to pursue knowledge of animal training. 

After finding an ailing blue budgie in a bush in her front yard, Denise began learning about parrot care and training. Several parrots joined the household. One of the parrots, Jazz, was adopted after her original owners fled Hurricane Katrina and were no longer able to care for her. Jazz had a tendency to lunge and bite at nearly anyone. So Denise enrolled in Dr. Susan Friedman’s online course Living and Learning with Parrots. This was her first experience using functional assessment for behavior strategies with pets. Using the knowledge gained in the course, she helped Jazz learn to be more accepting of the company of others. 

In 2013 Denise began training her dogs at Humaner Trainer. Currently she trains her two corgi-cocker spaniel mixes, Walnut and Fig, in Rally as a way of harmony in daily life rather than for competition. She joined Humaner Trainer as an apprentice in 2015.