Crystal Tysz comes to The Humaner Trainer by way of Magnolia, TX.  She first arrived in Austin in 1995 to attend the University of Texas and has made it her home ever since.  Over her years in Austin, Crystal has developed a fondness for some of the city’s well-known hangouts such as Red’s Porch, Opal Divines’s and the Alamo Drafthouse.  Significantly less well known is Crystal’s favorite spot to hike or camp, as she remains tight-lipped regarding its whereabouts to preserve the secrecy that makes it so special to her. Crystal has grown up around animals and began training her Australian Shepherd Bear at the age of eight after reading a training book. After college she began working in the non-profit sector and found her way to the Austin Humane Society. There she developed enrichment programs for the dogs and cats. She trained staff and volunteers on dog body language and safe and stress free handling of the animals. After seven years she decided to move on to become a professional dog trainer and began her apprenticeship with The Humaner Trainer. She also owns her own pet sitting business which services southwest Austin.